The Hard Way – aka The Way I Did it in 2009

What I Was Watching

By 2009, watching all my favorites online got easier, but finding new shows didn’t. In an effort to increase my chances of discovering new shows, I gave the “social television” thing a shot. My the “current” list of shows (already horribly out of date) went up at LivingSocial, My Netflix history and queue at Netflix Friends went public, and I joined the the Hulu Social Network.

Technically, I’m still on all those services, so if you want to talk TV: production, distribution, plot, whatever, give me a shout.


I’ve also dusted off my Twitter account, declared Twitter Chapter 11, and unFollowed everyone except the seven people still following me and added a dozen new picks.


As a safety net, I kept my old Outdated Show List online, complete with torrent links and Netflix pointers.

How I Watched It


Two TV Junkies under one roof can consume a remarkable amount of programming content. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that there is no silver bullet one-size-fits-all solution to replacing television with the internet. We watch a mixture of streamed shows and downloads.

Streaming is easy. You just fire up your web browser, point it to a web site, and click play.

Because the hardest part was knowing where to go for good free material, I gave a long list of links in How to… Part 1: Streaming, but it has since grown MUCH longer.

The List of Links is on the right column of every page. —> –> —> –> —> –> —> –> —> –> —> –>

If you only follow one link, make it It’s the best place to get started.

Downloads are a little less cut-and-dried. It can be daunting for the non-techie. I gave a quick-guide in How to… Part 2: Downloads for Mac users, but the newbie friendly step-by-step version never materialized, because of how rapidly the landscape changed throughout the year.

I promised a Windows version wound come when/if I got my trusty Dell to boot, or I a bought an Intel Mac. That didn’t happen in 2009.

What if you don’t want to watch on your computer?
How to… Part 3: On Your Widescreen and In Your Pocket still hasn’t been written. I did, however, give a pointer to Cnet’s review of the Top 10 boxes that can help you replace television with the internet.

Their verdict:

I’m sorry to say that I haven’t found a box that offers me everything from all the top movies and TV shows to the best local and live TV programming. But the market is still evolving. And I promise you that the landscape could look very different in another 18 months, so stay tuned.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

That covers “On the widescreen”, what about “in your pocket”?
My wife got an iPhone in December ’08, and I got mine in June ’09. Now there exists the Palm Pre and the Moto Droid. The Nexus One and the Blackberry Storm. And then there are all the new “slates”. Like the reast of Online Television. no one article can cover it all – so I have to admit that this site has one more area to grow into in 2010.


In 2009, my computer was my TV and my TV was my computer, which means my entertainment center had to also pull double duty as my desk.

I don’t do that anymore.

One thing I did begin in 2009 that continues into 2010: I use my iPhone as a remote control.


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