A Beginner’s Guide to Made-for-Internet TV @ Mashable.com

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Web video is expanding right now, and though a lot of attention is paid to episodes of network TV shows like Lost or The Office that you can stream online, there’s an emerging wealth of content made just for the web. There’s going to be even more of it in the future, so this is a great time to get in at the ground level and experience an emerging art form.

Since September we’ve worked with web video analytics company Visible Measures to publish a monthly list of the top 10 most viewed original web series. And with the 2010 Streamy Awards coming up in just a couple of months, we believe this is an ideal time to serve up a quick overview of what web series are and why we’re so interested in covering them.

Read the whole thing over @ Mashable.


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  1. marcio on

    I am from Brazil and have just cancelled my cable tv service.
    I am unable, however, to access videos of such sites as Hulu and CBS, to name a few. Whenever I try, I get a message like “sorry, this video is not availabe in you current location”.
    Is there a way to circumvent this blockade? The only way I can watch movies on the net is by downloading them from Ares. Why other countries cannot access contents of those sites? Forgive me for my bad English.

    • Neurotic Nomad on

      What you are witnessing is Region Restrictions. The problem has nothing to do with technology and science and everything to do with money and lawyers. Hulu and CBS are distributers of TV Content in the USA only. The producers of the individual shows (sometimes the TV Networks themselves, but not always. That’s what those title cards after the end credits are all about) negotiate distribution deals in each country separately (or at best in “regions”). Blame the tangled mess that is Modern International Copyright Law. (or if you’re the cranky type, blame Walter Disney’s heirs or even old Walt himself.)

      Being in Brazil, you will be watching Brazilian TV. Go to the website of any one of your national TV networks (or even local TV stations). A list of the networks in Brazil can be found on Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Brazilian_television_networks

      TVGorge.com is currently ignoring region restrictions, but to get the most reliable source of streams – go local.

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