Comcast Attempts To Wash Away Sins, Changes Name To XFinity.

Does the name “Altria” make you think of:
Giant Cover-Ups,
Lying Scientists,
Lying To Congress, or
…No? Good.
That’s why they aren’t called Philip Morris anymore.

Mega corporations don’t flush decades of name recognition when their customers like them. ValuJet had a crash so bad that they had to become AirTran just to survive.

A corporate name change is like a get-out-of-anything card. No matter how terrible you treated your customers, your countrymen, or your planet – a name change makes everyone forget it all. It’s as if you never did it in the first place.

Who, him? He’s not me. I’m not him. I’m NewCorp!

Now Comcast is changing their name. I’m sure it has nothing to do with their stance on traffic shaping, bandwidth capping, throttling, and net neutrality. I’m sure it also has nothing to do with their reputation for high bills, expensive bundles, high-pressure customer retention, poor service, poor customer service, and closed-network ways. I’m sure, as John Gruber suggests, they’re doing it just for kicks.

Philadelphia Inquirer via Daring Fireball


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  1. Alfred Ayache on

    I just had a run-in with the goofballs at Comcast. I was hoping they’d be a sensible alternative to AT&T. But, they turned out to be XFinitly deceitful con artists. You can see my blog post detailing my travails with them at

  2. Nate on

    DISH has the best customer service and will probably not change there name. As a DISH employee and subscriber I can tell you DISH does offer TV Everywhere and we do not have to change are name or be at home to use the service. DISH Network is taking a different approach to this by connecting a Sling adapter to a 722 series receiver and downloading are free app. This will work on a number of mobile devices you can get more information about this at the DISH website.

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