Fake Steve on The Death of Television

From The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs, Fake Steve (aka Dan Lyons) rants:

But seriously, what does a broadcast network do? One part of their business is distribution. Okay, that’s gone. Another part is selling ads. Check that one off the list. So what’s left? What’s left is they’re taste-makers and they’re bankers. If you want to make a show you go pitch your idea to a bunch of assheads from the network who sit there and decide whether to loan you money. Then the same assheads watch your pilot and decide whether to make it a series. But seriously, these people are assheads! The whole Conan thing is proof enough. Yet they remain the gate-keepers. Why is this? Right now there’s only one reason and it’s because they have money. But come on. How hard is it to get money? And they’ve still got an audience. But that’s going away quickly. The whole model is going to fragment into a million tiny pieces…

Go read the whole thing. It’s funny because it’s true.


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  1. John on

    The future is:

    content creators -> customers

    Cable companies and TV networks will die. Remove the middle men and cost will decrease.

    Online TV not only gives you the ability to watch your TV shows but to also watch behind-the-scenes content and outtakes. Extra content that would not be shown on offline TV due to time constraints.

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