Xfinity TV Everywhere violates antitrust laws by leaving out online video providers, claims group

Money quote:

“This is textbook antitrust violation,” said University of Nebraska law professor Marvin Ammori, a senior advisor to Free Press, in a statement. “The old media giants are working together to kill off innovative online competitors and carve up the market for themselves. TV Everywhere is designed to eliminate competition at a pivotal moment in the history of television.”

Telecom trade association industry mouthpiece National Cable and Telecommunications Association told Rupert Murdoch’s arch-conservative Washington Post that TV Everywhere doesn’t violate any regulatory provisions.

It was implied that we should all believe them and stop snooping.

Yeah. Good luck with that.

The real questions are:

1. Will Comcast (Xfinity’s owner) count Xfinity toward your monthly bandwidth limit?

2. Will Comcast give preferential bandwidth treatment to Xfinity over the competition?

via InformationWeek


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