Have You Switched From Cable to The Internet? 24% Say “Yes”, another 52% Say “Some”.

An Internet Poll asks: Have you switched from Cable to The Internet?

In early results, 52% says they either stream or download shows, and a full 24% of those who responded answered “Yes! I’ve cut the cable and am a 100% internet TV watcher.”

I’ll keep you posted if things change.

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  1. Steve of the North on

    I haven’t had cable in about 6 years now. For awhile my wife and I were more or less content with whatever we could pick up with just rabbit ears (she still misses the decorating and home renovation shows on some of the premium channels but she’s got her magazines to tide her over). This past January, we bought an HDTV to replace our old and malfunctioning tube TV, and I picked up an Apple TV to go with it. Now we don’t even bother with going to the video store any more. If it’s not on iTunes (and there’s a lot of content missing in the Canadian store) I just torrent it and we’re good.

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