Social Television. Do Couch Potatoes Connect?

Every activity has a Social Networking angle. First it was just the online companies, trying to get you to IM. Then the entertainment companies trying to sell you music or movies. Then activities like drinking soda to buying shoes came with secret games and online cliques.

It was only a matter of time when anti-social activities attempted to get social. It happened with gamers, why not couch potatoes?

In my attempt at “social television”, I signed up for LivingSocial and Twitter, and activated the “Social” settings in Netflix, and the Hulu Social Network.

I’ve dragged my feet in creating a Neurotic Nomad Myspace or Facebook page, hoping that OpenID would allow me to take a lazy way out, but apparently it doens’t work that way.

Now that I’m set up, I should open up the dialog.

What’s the biggest question plaguing you right now when it comes to online TV?






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