Replacing Television with The Internet, Part 2 1/2: The Sound Redux

In an unexpected development, my AV Receiver died.

One step forward, two steps back.

Purchased in 1998, it served me well.

In Part One, I bought the first part of my new system: A screen. ($300)

In Part Two, I brought along a Mac (current eBay value: $355) , 5.1 AV Receiver (current eBay value: $0), and sundry cables and cords.

What I didn’t bring along was computer speakers.

Yes, I know I was pleased when I reported that my Mac had a built-in speaker and I’d never be without sound. Well, sorry Mac – your built-in speaker is no match for a good DTS track. The built-in speaker is good for music, but so-so for action movie dialogue.

I grabbed the Philips SBA 1500 powered notebook speakers my wife uses with her iPod and connected it to the Mac.

It’s not perfect, but it’s better than constantly asking: “What did they say?” and trying to rewind with a keyboard and mouse.

The HDMI switch that I was going to be reviewing this week went back to the store unopened, the Netflix box postponed, and my wife even offered to give up her iPhone money for a new amp.

With a budget of $499, I was able to find the Sony STR-DG920 for $487.03 shipped. It should be here by this time next week. Until then, it’s tiny, white, and 2.0 for me.


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