Internet Television Test, Week 2: TiVo Season Pass List Replacement v1.0

The nice thing about TiVo is that you can become blissfully unaware of programming schedules. This allows you to think of TV as non-linear. Because of this, I think it will be easier for me to make the leap to internet-based-TV than most.

The problem is that TiVo did all my thinking for me, and now I have no idea when my shows come on, what’s in re-runs, or what was cancelled. Because of this, I think it will be harder for me to make the leap to internet-based-TV than most.


The first question is: Which shows do I download, and which shows do I stream? Well, it’s hard to make that decision without knowing which shows are even available, and for how long.

Nine episodes into the 12-episode Season One of Burn Notice, the shows disappeared from both Hulu and USA Network’s site. I found some torrents, but so far zero percent.

While I was browsing, I grabbed the torrent for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. It’s about 60% done.

Googling around I found The Dick Van Dyke Show, and watched an episode. Now I have to add that to my list. Too bad I forgot to bookmark the page. I’ll get around to it.

I started making my TiVo Season Pass List into a page of links to keep track of what show is available where. I figure it can be the page I pull up whenever I’m ready to “watch TV”.

Meanwhile… House M.D. Season One (Disc 1) came in the mail. After just 4 episodes, my wife and I are hooked. That’s added to the list.

I tried to pull up episode 2 of The Secret Life of the American Teenager, but I couldn’t find it. ABC Family reports that the episode is missing. (Already??!? ZIt just aired a few days ago!) From the looks of the site, the episode is supposed to be there, but the link is broken. Bittorrent has it on my hard drive in just over an hour… in HD.

To kill the hour, I watch the pilot episode of Sliders. Gotta add that to the list.

Ohh! Incredible Hulk Pilot Episode in it’s full Bill Bixbyish glory! Oh, that has to go on the list.

How long is this list going to get?

After finding about twenty shows, I’ve got a nice collection of jumping-off points for when I go looking for links – and just when I think there are no more… I find another gold mine of content.

I gotta start filling that blogroll with something useful – links to streaming video sounds good.

So ends week 2. The weeks ahead will include learning about HDMI, buying an HDMI switch, reviewing the Roku Netflix Player, testing different Remote Control solutions, Subscribing to RSS feeds, checking out the world of Podcasts and, of course, BluRay.


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