Inline Ads: A First Impression

I don’t mind commercial breaks in online shows, so far. Each episode seems to have one sponsor, and you get a single ad in each adbreak where a clump of ads normally would be if it were on broadcast tv.

Some sponsors are better than others. Outback Steakhouse has already made me a hater. It’s not the content of the ad. I’ve seen it before on TV: Four men are golfing, one describes his meal at Outback Steakhouse. Big deal. The problem is that’s the only one they play. With six breaks per episode – it was at least four times too many.

AT&T has a nice three-parter. Each “segment” gets repeated once. If only the ad wasn’t so stupid. They get points for non-repetition and for not breaking my “full screen mode” like Outback Steakhouse did.

Yes, Outback Steakhouse – in addition of making me hear that same dreaded commercial six times in 44 minutes, forced me to have to manually exit and re-enter “fullscreen mode” after each ad. Not fun. And you can’t use the mouse to fix it. You have to press ESC on your keyboard, then use the mouse to hit a tiny target to the bottom left of the video to return to FS Mode.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager forced me to click to continue, but at least it was just one click, and it could be anywhere.

I wonder if they’ll all be like this.


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